Elamora Studio | VW Cup
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VW Cup

VW Cup is the flagship product of Volkswagen Academy, the hub for all training materials for Volkswagen dealership personnel. However, Cup is more than just a means for employees to train themselves on new Volkswagen products, policies and best practices—it’s an entirely gamified platform where they can earn badges and points for completing those trainings. More so, they can redeem those points for cool Volkswagen prizes in the VW Cup store. Until 2020, Cup was not mobile-friendly and lacked customization options, so they were in dire need of a redesign. Users were on Cup so much that they wanted a way to take it with them wherever they went, and they wanted ways to curate their own experiences. Now post-launch, we’ve heard an abundance of positive feedback, user engagement is up, and the platform now exists comfortably in the present rather than woefully lagging behind in a pre-mobile, pre-user-curated world. Our client was so pleased with the end result that they launched a new initiative to add several more products to what its now the Volkswagen Academy Suite (ahem…Secure Testing). Agency: 24G