Elamora Studio | Save the Sharpies
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Save the Sharpies

When leading a brainstorming session, whether with an internal team or with clients, a common method of engagement is to have participants write ideas on sticky notes, post them on a wall, and group them according to their similarities. While this process is a useful way to gather insight and find solutions to problems, it’s often far too time-consuming, and it can be difficult to read other people’s handwriting. Also, let’s face it, boredom sets in really quickly. 24G came up with a way to not only make this process faster, but to make it more fun. Save the Sharpies allows users to join a virtual room from their mobile device or laptop and submit responses to prompts, similar to CrowdPlay Sport. Their responses show up as digital sticky notes on a big monitor, and a moderator (usually whomever is running the meeting) controls the flow of the game. Each game can have as many prompts as needed, with whatever time limits necessary, and at the end of the game, all data is visualized in a word cloud and a bar graph that can then be emailed and saved as a PDF. Agency: 24G